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Timothy "Seph" Allen
NASA Disasters

Advancements by the landslides team at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center are featured in a new science update published in the American Geophysical Union’s (AGU) science news magazine, Eos. “Satellites Support Disaster Response to Storm-Driven Landslides,” goes into depth about the team’s work using satellite data to provide regional perspectives of landslide hazards resulting from Hurricanes Eta and Iota last fall when the two major hurricanes hit Central America in rapid succession last fall.

The article outlines how the landslides team worked with the NASA Applied Sciences Disasters Program to deliver several valuable experimental products for the very first time and illustrates how partner agencies used NASA’s innovative tools and products to inform regional landslide response and recovery efforts. NASA’s Robert Emberson, Dalia B. Kirschbaum, Thomas Stanley, Pukar Amatya, and Sana Khan contributed to the story.

Read the story at Eos: Satellites Support Disaster Response to Storm-Driven Landslides.

Image of a map showing areas of potential landslide hazards in Guatamala that is featured in the story in the AGU magazine, Eos.
The Eos article features this map of Guatamala, which was produced during Tropical Storm Eta and illustrates results from the Landslide Hazard for Situational Awareness model showing potential landslide hazards. Credits: NASA/NASA Earth Observatory

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