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The results of these analyses will be used immediately to inform decisions about land protection and reforestation to benefit communities… We could not have completed these analyses without access to NASA’s resources and Earth observations.
Sarah Gottlieb
The Nature Conservancy, DEVELOP Project Partner
Collecting physical data is laborious, time consuming, and costly, and it can be applied at only a limited scale. Also, that data is subject to a number of uncertainties. In contrast, GRACE-based data is readily available, free, can be applied at a large scale such as the Indus basin, and is reliable. Moreover, there are no data sharing issues as compared to traditional datasets.
Dr. Ashraf Muhammad, Chairman
Pakistan Council of Research in Water Resources
The World Food Program (WFP) is using our analyses to understand the drought onset [in western Nepal] and severity patterns across the region. They are using these SERVIR products as evidence-based communication to inform the highest level governmental decision makers in Nepal on the issue.
Faisal Qamar, Remote Sensing Specialist
I’m always impressed what a great project [SERVIR] is; learning and adapting has been great; in 20 years, you can say where this all began; you're on the right track...
Charles North, E3 Bureau Director
It is great to see how satellite information can be applied to better design and implement projects in territories that are difficult to access.
Rogerio Miranda
InterAmerican Development Bank
We had some serious wildfires in September 2014, and the VIIRS 375-meter data performed excellently.
Philip Frost
Meraka Institute
The high-resolution data gleaned from VIIRS are available in a short time period and significantly enhance the Forest Service's current strategic fire detection and monitoring capabilities.
Brad Quayle
U.S. Forest Service
This is the best tool I have seen so far that integrates satellite data with information from ground monitors."
Cassie McMohan
Minnesota Pollution Control Agency
“The satellite imagery is a very important tool to identify areas of interest and make sure that we go out there and we can respond to these public health threats—especially at a point when budgets are shrinking and we have to do more with less.”
Andrew Reich
Florida Department of Health
Our current strategy for the 2013 planting season is completely derived from the DEVELOP maps, which give our groups a clearer understanding of the goals for reforesting the Central Wetlands.
Blaise Pezold
Wetland Tree Foundation
DEVELOP was a life-changing experience for me. The internship gave me the skills to begin my geospatial career and has strengthened my curiosity to learn more about the Earth.
Melissa Oguamanam
DEVELOP participant
If this technology saves even one island from levee failure, then it’s been very worth the time and energy.
Joel Dudas
California Department of Water Resources
I've been very impressed with the Coast Guard’s commitment to bring NASA satellite data and model forecasts into their decision-making process in order to improve their search and rescue operations.
Yi Chao
Project Investigator
[This application is an] extraordinarily powerful technique that we will continue to use and incorporate.
Arthur Allen
U.S. Coast Guard, Office of Search and Rescue
Some people find working with satellite and environmental data a big morass of intractability. PHAM gives them the ability to take these satellite products and use them in their statistical analysis.
Michael Hinton
Inter-American Tropical Tuna Commission
We are using data provided by [the project team] to better determine how waterfowl populations in the North American prairies will respond to system change.
Kathy Fleming
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
The California Current Integrated Ecosystem Assessment is excited about the results of the NASA project.
Brian Wells
The project directly addresses some of the highest priority Council stock assessment and management needs, and could greatly assist the fishing industry in long-term planning.
Donald McIsaac
Pacific Fishery Management Council
We needed the NASA data to make this happen and are very thankful to have this quality input. This model shows finer-scale temperature fluctuations that were not possible to model before.
Eric Danner
NOAA National Marine Fisheries Service
NASA data has been critical to monitoring the environment. … It’s a core metric for how we are doing our work.
John Musinsky
Conservation International (formerly)
Remote sensing data has become a core part of the planning and evaluation process for organizations like ours…
John Musinsky
Conservation International (formerly)
Satellite-derived data provides an overview of ocean conditions that are not available from traditional shipboard measurements.
John Lamkin
NOAA National Marine Fisheries Service
This capability greatly expands our understanding of larval Bluefin ecology, and has allowed us to target specific areas resulting in the development of an improved larval index.
John Lamkin
NOAA National Marine Fisheries Service
The new data products provide observations closer to the scale of coral reefs. Managers want to know as much as we can tell them to help their management of reef resources.
Mark Eakin
Coral Reef Watch
The novel use of satellite-based gravity data in combination with advanced modeling techniques has given us a unique perspective on groundwater that was not resolvable through just ground-based observations.
Brian Wardlow
National Drought Mitigation Center

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