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Update on 3/11: A new call for proposals Earth Sciences Applications: Agriculture is open. The call is for program management capability that increases and enables sustained uses of Earth observations for the advancement of domestic agricultural practices in public and private organizations for economic and social benefits. Notices of Intent are requested by April 8 and proposals are due June 17, 2022.


For the first time ever, NASA is attending the largest by farmers, for farmers conference in America, the Commodity Classic. 

The NASA Virtual Exhibit is free and open to all.

screenshot of the Virtual Exhibit

A full list of the activities, Hyperwall talks, data demonstrations and more is available at the website Inside Agriculture.

photo of man in field
Illinois farmer Paul Jeschke pulls back the cereal rye cover to reveal young soybean plants. More about NASA's collaboration with Jeschke at Using NASA Data to Save Soils in the U.S. Corn Belt. Credits: NASA/Paul Jeschke/Jillian Deines et al. 2019

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