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Terra Volcanoe
Terra / MODIS satellite image of the Aoba (Ambae) volcano eruption.


Activity for Aoba (Ambae) volcano has increased in recent months and is now in a minor eruption state.  The volcanic alert level remains at level 3.  A restricted area of risk which is 3km around the active vent has been established as the volcano began to become more active in March and early April 2018.  At that time the volcano began to emit more and sustained volcanic ash or/ and gases.  These new eruptions mark a change in character for the volcano to more ash-rich explosive eruptions.  The current eruption is focused on the summit crater and there are no indications of activity elsewhere on Ambae Island. Vanuatu’s Council of Ministers has declared a state of emergency on Ambae due to the heavy ash fall which has contaminated water and food supplies for the island’s nearly 11,000 inhabitants, who are in the process of being evacuated from the island.