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On July 4th, 2019, a magnitude 6.4 earthquake struck to the northeast of the California town of Ridgecrest, which was a foreshock for a larger magnitude 7.1 earthquake nearby on July 5th. The area affected includes a previously unmapped fault whose slippage generated surface ruptures and damaged homes and businesses. 

The Disasters Program has activated to Tier 2 in support of the Southern California Earthquakes on July 4 & 5. The NASA Disasters Program is providing support to the California Earthquake Clearinghouse, which is coordinating efforts with the California Air National Guard, the United States Geological Survey and FEMA. 

NASA will use orbiting satellites to provide the data that program analysts will translate into visualizations of land deformation and potential landslides, among other impacts. The program also plans to mobilize NASA Airborne Science assets that will be flown from Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas.