When Disasters Strike

When hurricanes form, wildfires rage and floodwaters rise, we can help. We support efforts during and after disasters, partnering with incident response, emergency management and recovery teams.

We use data culled from Earth observations to provide detailed information, maps and models in understandable formats.

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Disaster Response in Action

In 2016, as Hurricane Matthew was barreling toward eastern North Carolina, NASA was monitoring the storm from space and collaborating with other federal agencies and international partners to inform on-the-ground response efforts.

We collected Earth-observing data immediately before, during and after the storm to help decision-makers develop a detailed analysis of the housing and infrastructure damage across the state — and make a plan of attack. As rain fell, we obtained observations about landscape and soil moisture, identifying areas that were prone to flash flooding and needed urgent attention.

Through it all, we worked closely with the Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA) and other response partners to mitigate the damage and protect eastern North Carolina communities.