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The environmental justice movement focuses on ensuring communities receive equitable protection from natural and human-induced environmental hazards. It embodies the principle that all communities should be heard and represented in decision making.

NASA’s EEJ program helps ensure Earth data can benefit everyone, regardless of race, color, national origin or income. We help communities across the U.S. make informed decisions about issues affecting them. The program also builds new partnerships to support community outreach, training, and information and tools that use Earth observations. We aim to create opportunities for people to get involved with Earth observations. This empowers them with enhanced tools to inform and protect their community.

Our Focus

amplifying power within Communities

NASA has many tools, data sets, and other capacity building resources that can help protect the well-being of vulnerable communities. Through our partnerships, we can better understand the injustices and inequities of disadvantaged communities. This understanding helps us address specific needs and challenges through targeted trainings. Together, we can help give decision-makers the information they need to advocate for policy change.


Creating Equitable Opportunities

Building a more equitable future in the face of climate change is no small feat. It will take a diverse group of people with the skills and resources necessary to advocate for change. The EEJ program leverages training and opportunities across various NASA programs to advance community understanding and use of Earth Observations. These programs include:

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